Hi, I’m Pamela.

Welcome to my creative corner of the world. I’m a voice empowerment mentor.

Courageous, creative women in business hire me to help them unlock the inner power of their true voice so they can show up in the world with greater presence, confidence and ease.

I love watching these amazing women transform into the powerful, prosperous and respected leader they have always secretly-known was inside!

•   Are you a hard-working and moderately-successful woman in business who is struggling with stepping into your full potential (power)?
•   Do you feel blocked, like something powerful you were born with wants out but you can’t quite express it?
•   Do you often feel tense/anxious – especially in the neck and shoulders or stomach, like something is stuck in your throat?
•   Do you feel frustrated, hesitant, or like you are playing small?
•   Do you dislike how you sound when you hear recordings of yourself?

I am seeking courageous, creative women in business who are ready to awaken to the inner power of their true voice.

My unique on-line mentoring experience, The Feminine Express! ™ Leadership Adventure, is beginning soon! Perhaps you or someone you know would love to join in the fun!

Now accepting reservations for a 15–minute
Feminine Express! Audition Call to see if we are a good fit and if this program meets your current needs.

Private and group mentoring available.