I discovered a secret over 25 years ago that changed my life. While singing in an abandoned farm silo recovering naturally from Crohn’s disease, I came to see that my illness was a timely messenger. It was showing me that my blocked expression and trying to be what others expected me to be was literally making me ill.

Instead of surgery and medication, I slowed down, sought out nature, learned to listen to the feminine wisdom of my body and began nurturing my creativity. My prescription worked and I remain totally symptom-free.

After unlocking my natural voice by singing in the silo each day, I began writing songs and produced an award-winning CD even though I had not sung in 20 years.

After that, I combined my gifts as a teacher, sound healer and writer to become the founder of an innovative retreat center on my Indiana farm where I reconnected people with nature and their creative longings for over a decade.

Recently, I honored my own need to step away and re-charge and lived for 2 years in a rustic treehouse I helped design and build in the mountains of North Carolina.

As an Empowerment Mentor I work primarily with high creatives and women in leadership to help them unlock their full creative expression and lead from presence. I would not be able to do what I do if I couldn’t lead from the feminine very effectively myself.

I create a safe space for you…generate trust…listen without judging, maintain rapport…draw you out. I facilitate healing and help shift mindsets that no longer serve you, when requested by you, using my gifts as an intuitive sound and energy healer. These components are accomplished quite easily and effortlessly with feminine energy.

By contrast, total masculine energy would not be nearly as effective in creating these outcomes. However, when it comes to being an accountability angel and calling my clients on their disempowering stories, holding them accountable, helping identify mindset patterns, designing action items or being directive there is no substitute for the masculine energies.

This is what I call leading from the feminine (our being) and using the masculine (our doing). It is a beautiful dance that, when mastered, fosters presence, eliminates resistance and allows for greater efficiency, clarity and ease in all areas of our lives and living.

This is what I model. This is what I am here to teach you to remember and master for yourselves. This is what we ALL have an opportunity to model in our masculine-heavy world that will help usher in a new way of being in the world. And the time, it seems, is undeniably now.

Are you a courageous woman ready to unlock your feminine strength and true voice so you can transition to your next level of greatness?

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