Pamela discovered a life-changing secret over 25 years ago while singing in an abandoned farm silo, recovering naturally from Crohn’s disease. She learned her illness was a messenger showing her that her blocked expression and trying to be what others expected her to be was literally making her ill.

Instead of surgery and medication, she slowed down, sought out nature and began nurturing her creativity. Her prescription worked and she remains symptom-free.

After unlocking her natural voice by singing in the silo each day, Pamela became an award-winning singer-songwriter even though she had not sung in 20 years.

She also combined her gifts as a teacher, artist, sound healer and writer to become a well-respected leader of an innovative retreat center on her Indiana farm where she reconnected people with nature and their creative longings for over a decade.

Recently, Pamela completed a deep-renewal experiment  living in a treehouse for 2 years in the mountains of North Carolina before returning to the Midwest.

Pamela is passionate about helping people of all ages slow down and awaken to their full creative expression by leading their lives from a state of joy and presence.