Heart-Shaped Rocks CD

Heart-Shaped Rocks is a timeless audio collection of 21 original children’s songs written and produced by Pamela Jay for ages 2-8.

Imaginative and lively, these songs are sure to get little ones and their families excited about stepping away from the magic of technology to rediscover the magic of nature that is as close as their own backyard!

A favorite gift among grandparents who love passing on the nearly-lost arts of making hollyhock dolls and mudpies and watching cloud pictures in the sky.

(This is a digital download)

“Pamela Jay’s voice is glorious and full of style.  She sings about life, the earth, and the joys of simple living… 

You will find these songs swirling in your head.  Do whatever you can to keep them in your heart!”

~ Claire Green, president of the Parents’ Choice Foundation

Heart-Shaped Rocks

by Pamela Jay | Heart-Shaped Rocks

Right in My Backyard

by Pamela Jay | Heart-Shaped Rocks

Ticky Tock

by Pamela Jay | Heart-Shaped Rocks

Heart-Shaped Rocks received a Gold Parents’ Choice Award in 2001 – the highest honor for children’s music by the prestigious Parents’ Choice Foundation, and was also named to the Top 25 Children’s Recordings in 25 years by the organization along with the work of Raffi, Carole King, Woody Guthrie, Tom Chapin, and Ella Jenkins.

Children’s Books

Little Jaybird and the Prince of Light

Story by Pamela Jay Illustrated by Woody White

A little blue jay who is afraid to sing of love, and a poet who is afraid to speak of love, combine their talents, overcome their fears and emerge from hiding to share their gifts and message of love with the world. Ages 3-8

Children’s Workshops

Pamela Jay has dedicated a good part of her life to re-connecting children and their families with nature. From 1993-2004 she was the co- founder/creative director and lead teacher for Wheatfields, a natural arts learning center for children on her historic Indiana farm serving over 3,000 students and visitors annually. Hands-on learning and community building was the focus of over 30 innovative nature and art programs designed and taught by Jay and her staff that helped children use re-purposed and found objects to transform a 1920’s bungalow farmhouse, barn and woodland trails into a local treasure.

Pamela is an active supporter of the Children and Nature Network,, an international movement focused on re-connecting children and nature founded in 2005 by Richard Louv, author of Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature Deficit Disorder.

The organization has spawned over 369 grassroots campaigns world-wide that collectively connect more than 3.5 million children and their families to nature experiences in 48 states and 12 nations.

Currently residing in a cozy writer’s retreat in Louisville, Kentucky, Pamela can often be found at Yew Dell Botanical Gardens,, and Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest,