Unlock the Magic of Your Natural Voice

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Unlock the Magic of Your Natural Voice                                                   

Find your true voice. Step past playing small.

Follow your passion without burning out.

Pamela Jay is a Feminine Leadership Mentor and Natural Voice Empowerment Master

Creator of The Empowered HeartVoice Activation System       

Founder of The Feminine Leadership Cafe

This integrative, transformational on-line journey is designed for women who feel an inner calling to lead others, helping them find their true voice, step past playing small and follow their passion without burning out.

Feel like something is stuck in your throat and wants out?

Tired of playing small?

Overwhelmed and too busy?

Tired and anxious?

Feeling unheard and unsupported?

Fluctuate between bursts of high productivity and collapse?

Often feel you “lose yourself”  in relationship to others?

Feel like you are living someone else’s life?

This unique, experiential journey of self-discovery combines methods Pamela has developed over the last 26 years since healing naturally from a chronic illness by immersing herself in nature and singing in a grain silo. She believes her blocked creative expression due to respressing her gifts as a singer/songwriter were the root cause of her illness. Pamela, a certified Usui Reiki Master, uses her singing voice, gifts of clairaudience and clairvoyance to create integrative chakra healing experiences in sacred song and sound with special emphasis on the throat chakra.

Unlock the Magic of Your Natural Voice will guide you in learning to tap into and stay grounded in your inner wisdom so you can better balance your feminine energies ( your being) while using your masculine energies ( your doing) so you can…

  • Connect with and embody your natural voice
  • Better trust your intuition
  • Communicate more clearly and be heard
  • Fall in love with your voice
  • Stay calm in the midst of chaos
  • Change patterns that keep you feeling stuck and playing small
  • Strengthen your ability to set boundaries
  • Boost your creativity
  • Attract greater prosperity
  • Effectively lead others with greater ease
  • Be aware when you are out of alignment
  • Live in alignment with your passion
  • Feel healthier and more like your natural self

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