Voice Empowerment

So, exactly how do we work together to open your blocked expression?
Using an energy healing method I developed while healing naturally from Chron’s disease 25 years ago…

I offer a free 15-minute EASE phone consultation so you can ask questions and we can determine if we are good match.

Here’s what others are saying……

Lori Dixon, Grapevine, TX
Visionary Coach, Innovative Facilitator, and Author


Pamela is a joy and blessing to work with professionally and personally. Her knowledge continues to be honed as her practice expands with new approaches with chakra alignment and voice activation. She is not only proficient in her craft and therapy, but her personality is calming and healing on its own.
She brings in her own beautiful voice, intuitive gifts, and insightful focus to be one of the most well-rounded practitioners I have worked with in the healing arts. My own experience over just a few sessions was a welcome part of my day as we delved into each of my chakras and “fed” them with healing light and sound.
Pamela brings understanding of your journey and deepens your purpose as she adjusts you in her own unique way. You need to just experience it for yourself!
Lisa Port, Chichester, West Sussex
Hypnotherapy Coach and ‘True Love Strategist’
I was drawn to Pamela’s work as I have, since childhood, had a problem with speaking out. This has been a source of great embarrassment and frustration, particularly as I used to work as a lawyer and I had to hide it. When I met Pamela I was amazed that it was even possible to free the voice. It had become important for me to do so as I was launching my new business as a Love Strategist for single women, and I wanted to be able to teach workshops.
Pamela’s approach to freeing my voice was remarkable. I felt so safe and at ease  during the process and to this day I can’t even begin to tell you how gifted Pamela is. As a result I found I have had a calm confidence inside without having to do anything, and I am planning a series of workshops to take place later this year.
I highly recommend working with Pamela to anyone who knows they have a lot to give the world, but who have felt inwardly restrained from being able to do so. Pamela is a natural born Mentor and I say-just get in touch with her-you won’t be disappointed!
Christi Celene Scoccola, Louisville, KY
Owner, Lead teacher, Reiki Practitioner at Red Thread Circle
I have been honored to work with Pamela Jay, an amazingly gifted and talented singer and sound healer. She has used her powerful singing voice and other musical talents to help me become a better leader in many ways. Pamela sets a mood that transforms my state of mind and takes me to a spiritual plane.
She has a warm welcoming heart, brilliant open mind, and passionate attitude in everything she brings forth. I’m honored to have worked with her in a group setting and on a personal level. I recommend and support any healing work Pamela offers!